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Thousands have benefitted from AMA Feed the Fasting Campaigns locally whilst Villages are fed daily suhoor and iftaar in Malawi and Mozambique

Even if it is with a single date…

He who feeds a fasting person, for the feeder shall be forgiveness of sins and emancipation from the fire of Jahannam and for such a feeder will be the same reward for the one who fasted, without that persons reward being decreased in the least.


Winter 2016

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AMA’s Winter Drive includes partnering and synergizing with local Organisations, Ulama Bodies, Schools etc. to ensure the most deserving receive the blankets and winter packs. 

Relief Aid To Hergesia (SOMALIA)

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Hergeisa is facing drought and famine conditions with many children suffering severe malnutrition

AMA Teams are already on the Ground

Sponsor a food Hamper at R900


GRIPP3D Launch in Cape Town at our AMA Offices in April 2016

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Gripp3d encompasses

  • The Mechanical arm manufactures and fitted to specification
  • Full physiotherapy with our qualified Occupational Therapist done weekly
    • Therapy includes teaching how to use the Aid as well as how to train the brain to realise that the limb can work now eg. Pick up a bottle, hold a ball or bat etc.
  • Full support and assistance to the recipient at anytime
  • Guarantee on the Mechanical Aid should it damage or break

An estimated cost currently is R10 000 per Mechanical Aid

Costs will vary as per the need and size for different recipients.

AMA Medical Mission Returns From Lebanon...

Lebanon a

AMA Medical Mission returned from Lebanon in May 2016
A number of Cleft Lip and Palate Surgeries were performed
On the Palestian and Syrian Children

Many more surgeries are still needed

45 minutes is all it takes to give change a child’s life

Find out when our next Mission leaves South Africa