• 840 Schools and 2 Universities have been estab­lished in africa.
  • Half Million African students studying.
  • 95 000 students school fees paid in Africa.
  • 300 scholarships/ study grants have been awarded to students for higher studies.
  • 630 students are being sponsored for University studies.
  • 4150 water wells have been dug,
  • 3 dams/ barrages have been constructed.
  • 45 medical camps undertaken, especially to cure eye diseases.
  • 3 large agricultural, livestock poultry farms estab­lished.
  • 204 handicraft training centres for destitute women established in Africa.
  • 260 000 tons of food, medicine & clothing dis­patched as aid to needy.
  • 2150 Masjids built and supported.
  • 108 Islamic Centres established with each centre comprising of a school, clinic, female training centre, orphanage, residence and agricultural land.
  • 7.8 million Islamic booklets/leaflets translated and printed in 22 different languages.
  • 2500 training workshops for teachers and village
  • 3288 people are employed in its offices and the field in 40 countries in Africa.
  • 9500 orphans being Sponsored and maintained daily.


Through the support of our donors, the organisation funded and constructed the Al-Furqaan Orphanage and Educational and Vocational Skills Training Centre in Titanium Street, Grasmere/Finetown - approx. 32 kms South of Johannesburg.

The complex in Finetown, South Africa comprises of:

  • A school
  • An Orphanage Complex
  • A Vocational SKills Training Centre
  • A Community Centre
  • A Primary Health Care and Medical Facility

In addition to the above mentioned the organisa­tion:

  • Established several Musalla’s/Ibadat Khanas in the areas of:
  • Vlakfontein Settlement
  • Itereleng Township
  • Soweto
  • Katlhehong
  • These satellite centres facilitate salah, madressah and basic Dawah activities in the townships and informal settlement areas.
  • Purchased two six metre containers and refurbished them to serve the local indigenous informal settlement community of Joe Slovo Park, Marconi Beam in the Western Cape.
  • Constructed a community centre and borehole to access clean water in Mfekai, Zululand as well as
    renovated and improved the existing dilapidated structure to be used for educational purposes by
    the local needy indigenous community.
  • Established 27 boreholes for the needy and drought stricken victims located in remote rural areas of Kwa Zulu Natal and in urban informal settlement areas in Gauteng;
  • Sponsored and co-hosted a “Previously Disadvantaged Farmer” skills training and Management workshop in Scottsburg, Kwa Zulu Natal which focused on the Vulamehlo/Umzimto Land reform and Development Initiative.
  • Is providing and facilitating adult male and female literacy classes to members of the indigenous community in various parts of the country
  • Is allocating and distributing, annually, hundreds of thousands of kilograms of high protein supplementary food to the needy and destitute within the country
  • Has initiated and launched several Relief Aid Campaigns in support of natural disasters within South Africa and disbursed substantial relief aid support to such victims
  • Is raising support and distributing, annually tons of warm clothing, blankets and shoes in support of the many needy and downtrodden people located in informal settlement areas in South Africa;
  • Arranging and facilitating Youth Based Leadership Training Camps in the country
  • Initiating and co-ordinating a National humanitarian relief aid campaign within South Africa whereby over 1 000 tons of food, medicine and clothing were airlifted and shipped on the S.A.S. Tafelberg to Mombasa in support of the 1992 severe drought/femine and civil war in North East Kenya / Somalia.
  • Initiated and airlifted by C130 Hercules aircraft hundreds of tons of relief aid to Mwanza, Tanzania in aid of the victims of the Rwanda , Burundi Civil War
  • Initiated and transported by road over R5 million rands of relief aid to flood stricken victims in Mozambique
  • Initiated and airlifted tons of relief aid to the destitute and needy, in Darfur, Niger and other parts of Africa.
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