Qurbani 2013

Where is this spirit of Qurbani in our idle and aimless nights and days? Who is able to place the knife on his heart in order to slaughter the beasts of rebellion, hatred, jealousy, pride and greed etc?

 Qurbani is an annual re-affirmation of our pledge to Allah, a pledge that:

Verily my prayer, my sacrifices, my life and my death are surrendered to Allah; the Rabb of the worlds.

Eid-Ul-Adha reverberates with the cries of surrender, submission and sacrifice. It is a grim reminder that life is about action, struggle and endurance.

During the last Udhiyyah / Qurbani season 2012, our distribution of several hundreds of Qurbani animals and thousands of parcels of meat benefited the most needy in various local Islamic Dawah centres and those orphanages and Masjids that we have built in various parts of the continent.

This enabled many needy people to experience the spirit and essence of this sacred act of Udhiyyah in slaughtering the Qurbani animal themselves, in their locality / Dawah centre, and truly celebrating the day of EID-UL-ADHA upon completion of the Eid Salaah.

These Dawah centres that benefited from our allocation and distribution of Qurbani animals to the various parts of South Africa were, Al Furqaan Islamic Centre; Escourt Islamic Centre; Ladysmith Dawah Centre; Southern Africa Dawah Network; Intereleng Township, Slovo Park, and many others. Qurbani animals were also allocated to the local Somali and Mali communities in Gauteng.

In addition to that, several thousands kilograms of Qurbani meat, from our donors sponsored Qurbani animals, were distributed on the sacred days of Udhiyyah at our Ibadaat Khannas and local village Masjids in the rural and needy areas of the Malawi Province and in Northern Mozambique; and to the needy in Burma.  Thousands of needy, poverty-stricken Muslims benefited from the meat and food generated from the Qurbani slaughtering of sheep / goats and cows done in their respective areas during the last season of Udhiyyah.

Alhamdulillah, at Africa Muslims Agency, we give an assurance and a guarantee, that all Udhiyyah is cut and distributed by our full time field workers at our Dawah centres in the townships and squatter camps in South Africa and at our schools, orphanages, hospitals and Madrassahs, Darul Ulooms, Islamic centres and Masjids in 34 countries in Africa where Muslims are destitute and in urgent need of food.

It is important to be cautious in entrusting this sacred act of Udhiyyah / Qurbani to bogus / fly by night Qurbani collectors / fundraisers that suddenly emerge during the season of Qurbani. It is important that you obtain an official receipt or phone the "organization" to verify the name and details of the fundraiser / collector.

Lastly in accepting your sponsored Qurbani, we urge you to please ensure that you make, at least one Qurbani at home, so that your family and children can witness and inculcate the real essence and spirit of this sacred day of EID-UL-ADHA as Ibrahim (AS) had done.

Cost of Qurbani - in MOZAMBIQUE/MALAWI & needy areas in AFRICA: R600 and LOCAL: R1350

Our offices will be open 7 days a week as from the 1st of Dhul Hijjah.

Hotline  Number:  083 251 9376

Online Donations: www.africamuslimsagency.co.za

and the deadline date in receiving your Qurbani is the 9th of Dhul Hijjah at 4:30pm.

I M F Choonara

National Director